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The Continuing Adventures of My Dad: Days 11 & 12

I am sure if you are following this blog regularly, and keeping up to date with Dad's running quest, you will agree that as time goes on and he gets further into the challenge, his notes are becoming more and more compelling. These two days (Friday and Saturday) are fascinating and I am left wondering how on earth he remains so positive and upbeat in the face of the pain and uncomfortableness he is suffering in his feet!

Remember that all this is not for nothing! He is being sponsored to take on this run for The Wooden Spoon Charity for Children. Don't let all his hard work be in vain and visit his website and Justgiving page for details on how to donate. Give as much as you can, it all adds up. And please do share this blog with all helps!

Thanks. x

"Day 11.

Today our route started at the bottom of Glen Coe, and went through Tyndrum  and Crianlarich and down the west side of Loch Lomond and finished just south of the Tarbet Hotel where we are staying overnight.  The 400ft downhill slope from Crianlarich to Loch Lomond has played havoc with my quads - the constant downhill sections make them seize up - and I have had to have treatment on them from the physio.

My feet are still problematic and have become quite swollen over the last couple of days. I am having to rest with my legs up whenever I am not on the road.  Doc is taping all my toes each day to prevent blisters.  He is spending 30 minutes taping them up in the morning and 20 minutes unwrapping them in the evening.

Cold baths for the benefit of my feet and legs are a part of the regular routine after every run.

Today was the first day that I felt I had ‘hit the wall’ after about 20 miles, but I had the benefit of company today from Cameron Taylor who ran about 10 miles with me which I much appreciated.

The team have been great.  The catering service provided from the campervan has been terrific this week and today’s delicacy was a bacon butty at the half way point.  Dick again did great work on the hotel bookings, changing our accommodation from a hotel on the east side of the loch to the west side of the loch at short notice due to our change of route.

Importantly tomorrow we have to schedule in the big match.  We decided we could not possibly run whilst the rugby was on so we plan to watch the rugby, then warm up and start running as soon as it has finished.  The route takes us down into Alexandria and then we head across to Milngavie on the outskirts of Glasgow. 

Day 12.

Today was an unscheduled rest day – on Doctor’s orders.

My feet were still a swollen mess this morning despite the cold baths, soaking my feet in cold water again before bed and sleeping with them elevated.  The larger shoes I bought in Fort William are already pinching.  My swollen feet have meant that I have not been able to do my yoga stretching routine for few days.  I really feel of benefit of that routine and until this week I have always done it after running.  Doc has wanted to remove my big toenails for several days now and has now done that today which should help a lot.

We went in to Glasgow today and spent quite some time choosing some new running shoes.  We also got the computer fixed which will mean I can read my emails and hopefully send some photos to you,  and we met up with Sue who flew in from Jersey to drive for us for the forthcoming week and Raj who will be my ‘physio’ for the next week.  He is a movement expert and massage therapist from the new Avenue Clinic in Guernsey and I hope he will be able to suggest an alternative routine to my trusted yoga stretches, but one that does not involve bending my toes.  Raj has also been designated as the IT specialist for the week.

Tonight we are staying in Bearsden with Donald and Kay Caskie, friends who used to live in Guernsey.  Donald hopes to cycle with me tomorrow, and I am also being joined by friends from the rugby club I played for in the sixties and seventies, Glasgow Accies, as we run past our old school in the centre of Glasgow.

We are missing out today’s planned section of the route from Tarbet to Milngavie and resuming tomorrow in Milngavie as we have commitments to be in certain places on certain days.  Our intention is to make up the miles lost today along the remainder of the route.

I feel better for having had a break today and also for staying with friends rather than in a hotel.  I am looking forward to running through my old home town with my friends tomorrow morning." 

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  1. Bryony Beckitt/Grisewood2 October 2011 at 22:46

    Sending love and hopeful, sunny, pain-free thoughts and wishes to you. Good luck with the next leg of the journey! Xxxx