Monday, 3 October 2011

The Continuing Adventures of My Dad: Day 13

"This morning we met up at Milngavie Station at 9am.   My sister-in-law Frances and her daughter Amy were there and a great representation from Glasgow Accies, my old rugby club.  Some of the guys of my era were there as well as some of the current crop of players.  Frances has joined us as a driver for the coming week, though I hope she will also do some running.

I started off walking with the Accies captain Stewart Smith and Sue who joined us yesterday. Donald Caskie, our host last night, cycled with us.

Today was our first day on along the Clyde Walkway and it was looking fantastic.  The pathway took us under Glasgow Academy where I went to school. 

We were later diverted off the Walkway by the police as there had been murder and a body had been found under Rutherglen bridge.  It was as thought we were caught up in a scene from Taggart.

I am delighted to say that we completed 27 miles today.  My feet are much improved after yesterday’s rest day and Doc is pleased with them.  They hurt less today than they have for the last four or five days.  I still have lots of other aches, pains, pulls and strains but today I have both David and Raj to help with those.

It rained again this morning but cleared up this afternoon.  There is a tremendous amount of water in the Clyde and we are all going to go and look at the Falls of Clyde tomorrow which we expect to be spectacular.

Tomorrow’s route sees us continue along the Clyde Walkway through New Lanark where we will be passing my brother Bill’s house.  I won’t be stopping as I might seize up!

Thanks:  Great thanks to Donald and Kay for hosting us last night.  It made such a difference to us staying with friends in a house, rather than being in a hotel.  Huge thanks also to Gordon Wilson for promoting my run amongst the Glasgow Accies and beyond.  Finally, thank you to everyone who ran with me today.  I really appreciate the company and it makes the running easier.

If you know of anyone along the rest of the route who might be interested in running with me, please let them know about my run and direct them to the website which provides all the details of the route.

Finally, if you can please support my Welcome Home event in Guernsey on Wednesday 2nd November.  It will be hosted by John Inverdale, BBC sports presenter and long-time supporter of Wooden Spoon. John was recently awarded life membership of the Wooden Spoon for his unstinting fund raising efforts over the years. Rosie Swale Pope, marathon runner extraordinaire who herself has literally run around the world will is be also joining me on stage with John.  

Thank you


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