Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 28 and He is Still Going Strong!

I finally managed to speak to Dad last night! We have been playing telephone tag for days and I am never sure when the best time is to call so it's been tricky. However, I decided to try again last night around the 10pm mark and was a little shocked (although not entirely suprised!) to realise that I had woken him...he sounded very, very tired...

Usually Dad can easily hold up his end of the conversation but for the first time in as long as I can remember, he was quiet and subdued. When I asked how he was doing, he answered "tired" and let's face it, it's not a massive surprise to hear that is it? After all, he IS running a marathon a day...as we speak he will be close to completing his 29th day, running his 28th marathon. Amazing when you think about it...!

So, come on, show your continued support for this magnificent feat by donating what you can and passing on the details of Dad's challenge to others. Thank you so much. x


"Today was another good day.  It was quite overcast, but dry.  There was a fairly strong wind to run into with which made things hard work.
Guthrie and I started on the canal towpath again, but it turned out to be in poor condition.  We had an alternative route prepared as we suspected that might be the case, so we switched pretty quicky to the roads.  We were going along small lanes again today so many of them were inaccessible to the campervan.  We are now in the Cotswolds so in lovely countryside.
Guthrie ran and walked with me for about 10 miles and then went back into one of the backup vehicles.  It was Paul and Jannine Birtwistle's first day as drivers and they have fit well into the routine.
The highlight of the day was being met on the finish line (just outside Tewkesbury) by Sir John Foley, a former Lt Governor of Guernsey.  It was wonderful to see him again and he was in great form.  It was quite a long round trip for him to visit us and I very much appreciate him taking the trouble to come and be part of our challenge.
Doc was interviewed on BBC Radio Guernsey today by Kevin Stewart.
We are back in the Premier Inn tonight at Tewkesbury.  The staff have been lovely here and said they would like to give us a complimentary dinner if we would contribute the same amount into our fund raising pot which was very generous of them.  They are also emailing the Premier Inns we have booked further down the route to let them know we are coming and hopefully get the same arrangements. 
I hope I am not tempting fate but I had no particular aches and pains today and no new blisters.
There are a few photos of today activities being sent separately featuring variously Sir John Foley, Doc, Guthrie and me.
Best wishes

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