Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The REAL Halfway Point: 20 Marathons Down, 20 to Go (Day 21)

"We started off at 9am today on the towpath of the Lancaster Canal.

The weather was mixed  - some rain but generally not too bad.

Gary and I started off by walking.  We did more walking than running today as the conditions were not good and the path was very muddy.  Linda and Clive met up with us again after 5 miles and they stayed with us to the finish line. It took about 8 hours today and that notched up 20 marathons for me and 2 for Gary.

Doc Robin visited us again, albeit briefly, and it was good to have his encouragement.

Lancaster canal is on 24 miles long and is not connected to other canals so it has limited scope for travel.  We did not see any commercial barges on the canal and longboats are only allowed to travel at 5mph so it is very tranquil.  We passed by some lovely old bridges with cobbles underneath, and say ducks and herons.  It was rather less attractive as we got in to Preston so we doubled back on our route to complete the distance rather than go into the centre of town.

My blisters and toes have been fine today, but this evening I did not see a 3” step into the restaurant and I fell right over it and pulled a muscle in my calf.  I had ice applied to it straight away and have had a massage session on it this evening from Nicky.  The calf is tightening up so I have to keep moving, and the prognosis for tomorrow is not yet known. 

Not a good way to get to the half way and 500 mile mark. 


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