Sunday, 9 October 2011

And on he goes...(Day 19)

Day 19 is yesterday. Day 20 is today...and today Dad has run his 20 marathon, now half way through the challenge. Awe inspiring. Please, please, please keep reading, keep spreading the word, keep donating. Make this run of a lifetime worth his while...x

"A number of new people joined us today.  Doc Robin arrived from Wigan at 7am at our hotel in Dockray and was unable to get in until 7.30 when the owner/chef arrived to prepare breakfast, so it was a surprise to see him waiting for us all at breakfast.

The run started where we left off on Friday at Glendinning and Frances walked and ran with me - we started off along the banks of Ullswater and the followed the A road on long climbs up fells and down dales  and over the Kirkstone Pass.

Doc knew that there was a pub at the top of the Kirkstone Pass and we expected to find him in it when we got there after the long slog to the top.  (The road was similar to the Rest and Be Thankful, but more twisty.)   Unfortunately there was low cloud and mist so no view to appreciate.  I will have to come back sometime to see what we missed!

At the pub, Frances ordered Glenmorangie for the whole team - I just had a sip to be sociable - and Doc soon appeared.  After that short stop, Frances and I carried on downhill and did some jogging through the dales.  There were lots of sheep around, lots of lovely lake district stone walls and slate, and lots of low cloud.

It was very handy that Doc Robin was with us as he went to meet Nicky Jenkins from Guernsey who joins us as next week's massage therapist.  She was very impressed that he was driving a Jag, and refused to go in the Volvo for the rest of the day.

Robin joined Frances and I walking at various points along the route and it was great to see him again and to catch up on news as we walked.

Frances walked and ran about 18 miles with me, and then Sue took over for the last 8 miles at about 1.45pm.  The last part of the route was through Kendal.  Robin was brilliant at navigating through Kendal and sent the runners along the riverside rather than along the roads, whilst the support vehicles negotiated the town centre and met them through the other side at the cycle path. 

Unfortunately Robin was not able to stay and felt that Doc was doing such a fantastic job anyway that he would be surplus to requirements.  However, Robin hopes to catch up with us again later in the week.

Robin stayed until Sally arrived at about 9pm.  (She is known for her poor timekeeping but 24 hours late is quite bad even for her).   Sally has brought a second set of maps for the rest of the route and flyers to hand out along the route giving details of the project, the website and the charities we are supporting.

I was caught nodding off at the dinner table at 10pm and ordered to go bed immediately, taking my apple crumble and custard with me to eat in the room.  I may have been exhausted but I managed to finish it before I fell asleep.

More tomorrow..."

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