Monday, 10 October 2011

The Half Way Point: Day 20

"Today was a bit of a ‘change-over’ day.

Frances left today and Dave Peters from Ramsgate arrived as a driver.  It was Nicky’s first full day on the massage therapy side of things, although Raj is now going to stay on for an extra week with her. 

It was Sue’s last day before returning to Jersey first thing Monday morning, and Gary Lewis (a former Guernsey resident, better known at Guernsey Rugby Club as ‘Shedfull’) arrived to do a week of marathons with me.

The day started with the usual foot taping.  I have had a big blister (3 or 4 cms square) on the inside of each heel for a few days.  Doc has syringed liquid from them and tapes them up every day.

Frances came to say goodbye to us all at the start line and to see us all start off, before leaving for her train.  It was drizzly and about 15C, and Gary, Sue and I started by walking to warm up.  We got very wet very quickly.  It dried up later in the day and the temperature got up to 17C – 18C, but there was low cloud all day.

We linked up with the Lancaster Canal and intended to run along the towpath, but the path was not made up so we re-scheduled and ran along the roads, which were quite steep.

Doc parked up the campervan in a pub carpark to make us lunch.  Gammon and salad rolls today.  He managed to resist going into the pub or selling our lunch to the punters.

Nick and Gilli Brett (from Guernsey) met up with us in the centre of Lancaster.  It was a lovely surprise to see them and they had come up from Manchester to see us which I greatly appreciated.

Sue and Gary both completed their first marathons.  True to form, Gary went and ‘rehydrated’ (or more likely dehydrated) with a couple of pints of beer straight afterwards.

Clive and Linda (who ran with me last Monday) arrived at our hotel just moments after we got back from the run, and they brought macadamia nuts and healthy homemade seed bars with them. They both thought I was looking better than I did a week ago.  Frances and Sue both said I had got fitter and stronger as the week progressed.  My body is still adapting to the hugely increased amount of exercise being asked of it.

I am hoping that we will be back on the towpaths tomorrow, Monday.  Even though today is officially the half way point of the challenge, being Day 20, since I had to have a rest day I am not celebrating until tomorrow after completing 20 marathons and 500 miles."

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