Friday, 30 September 2011

JOG to LE: Day Ten

"Firstly, for those of you following on the website and the ‘Follow Me Live’ link, I did complete my marathon today.  We are not sure why the tracker did not work today.  Apologies – we will try to get it sorted out.

After vowing yesterday and the day before not go off road again, I did today but safely in the company of my old friend Bill Matthews of the Oban Mountain Rescue Team and two of his colleagues.

We went on the first part of the West Highland Way to Kinlochleven, through Glen Coe and the last 5 miles of today’s route was across Rannoch Moor.

As well as the Oban Mountain Rescue guys, I was visited today by Sam Weir from Keltneyburn and her son, and they had made a banner for me, and also Dick and Elizabeth McIntosh from Guernsey paid a surprise visit.  It was great to see all of them.  Sam and Dick have both helped enormously with the preparations for and organisation of the run so all the team here were delighted that they could join us.

The anti-biotics seem to be working on my toes.  Doc is doing an amazing job of keeping me going.  It was an exhausting day today; a long day with a lot of walking, and mixed weather. 

It is fantastic to now be able to say that we are a quarter of the way down the route.

Bill has advised us not to attempt the east path down Loch Lomond, so tomorrow we will be on the A82 heading down towards Tarbet."

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