Monday, 26 September 2011

John O'Groats to Lands End: Day Six

Dad has now replaced Sally in the daily update. Here is his first entry...

"6 completed, I'm happy to report.  Feet still working tho' we'll need more of Doc time on them tomorrow am.
Sally has been fantastic this past week ... she's always fantastic but on this trip especially so.  Her skills included driving, map reading, shrink, therapist, dogs boddy, IT exec, cameraman, publicist, fund raiser, liaison officer ... often also mistaken for police woman in dark trousers, high viz vest and car with a striped back.
We are staying in a Premier Inn.  Good and clean with spacious rooms, adequate meals at regular times ... just what we need.
Set off this am listenening to Scotland come 2nd to the Argies in Wellington.  But the weather was good again and I had to dig out the sun block for a second day. Heather has done another great job today running an initial 13ml before we had a break ... me to have feet checked and to be given a little rub down, Heather because she had to wait for me.  The she did 3 miles more taking us down and into Inverness. Disappointingly we took a couple of wrong turns trying to find the Great Glen Way ... our view on the subject "if the Glen is so Great why not get the bloney thing adequately sign posted?"
But we completed the miles and got back to the hotel around 5pm.
David and Gillian Ross came out to see us and, thanks to their persistance we managed to meet and had an excellent evening around the bar ... David and I were apprentice surveyors in Glasgow in the 60s so it was great to catch up and get their support. We've tucked their bottle of bubbly away in the camper firdge for later in the challange.
This evening we had a look at tomorrow's route and we've decided that the Great Glen Way is going to be too difficult to service.  As a consequence we'll be running down the East side of Loch Ness rather than the West.  We'll pick up the GGW at Fort Augustus.
The whole exercise is proving to be so much more than any of us anticipated from an organisational and admin perspective.  As a consequence it looks as tho' we might be minus 1 team member tomorrow.
But more about that then...
I've just noticed the time and I have to get to bed.
Apologies for speedy exit ... more tomorrow.
As aye

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