Saturday, 24 September 2011

One Man's Journey: Day Four

"Stuart had another good day today.

Doc was a bit worried about his achilles and cut a slit in the back of his left trainer to relieve any pressure from the shoe, and dressed his blisters before he set off.  His hamstrings were also a bit tight today.

It was a bit drizzly this morning but quite still and Stuart started off walking with Andy as he as the last few days and then walked alone to mile 5 where Alan braved the rain again on the bike.  Alan kept him company to Lairg which was the 15 mile point where we were greeted by Heather, Doc's wife, who is joining the team here for 4 days. 

Heather was keen to run with Stuart straight away and only intended to run 5 miles, but at the 20 mile mark she was enjoying herself so much that she continued to the finish line.  You can see video of them crossing the finish line on Youtube.  There are a couple of other videos there too taken by Andy.
Stuart really enjoyed running with Heather and it was great for his to have a new person to chat to en route.  We had a little celebration when he reached the 100 mile mark overall.

He has a few more blisters this evening, but otherwise is in pretty good shape.

If you look on the Follow me Live link on the website, you will see that a lot of today's run was downhill so that made it a little bit easier.  There were a few difficult moments for the map readers today where we were ticked off for not being ahead of the runners, and when we went to decide where the finish line should be, we found that our planned route along the sysle path was only accessible by a foot bridge across a river and there was no way to get the car the other side of the river before Stuart and Heather got there.  A quick re-adjustment took us down the A road from Lairg to Bonar Bridge instead. 

Stuart only had to stand in the ice bath today as Doc did not want his hamstrings to tighten up any more.  I think he will probably be saying everyday from now on that his hamstrings are tight if it means he can avoid sitting in the icy water.

We were a bit worried this evening that Dick had not kept up his high standard of accommodation bookings, because our hotel looked as though it had been closed down for some time. However, we need not have worried as he has come up trumps again and it is lovely inside and they could not be more helpful, we had a delicious evening meal and they have even given us the number of the local newspaper to try to get some additional publicity.

We have been given more money for the cause by people in the hotel and out on the road.  We must have seen about 20 cyclists at various times today going in the opposite direction with only 2 days to go before reaching John O Groats.  Stuart said he thought they were mad.  What???

Well that's 1/10th of the run completed which is a great milestone.

Thanks so much for all of your support, especially to Frances who has contacted John Beattie (ex British Lion) at BBC Scotland to see if he can help promote the run on his radio show or newspaper column in the Glasgow Herald
More tomorrow ....
Sally x"

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