Tuesday, 27 September 2011

JOG to LE: Day Seven

"We were sorry to say goodbye to George from the team this morning as he headed home.

We started the run at about 9.30 and Heather and I ran along the east side of Loch Ness as the team worked out that they could not support the runners from a health & safety point of view on the proposed route along the Great Glen Way.

It was a fantastic day for running.  Heather ran the whole way – her first marathon.  We crossed the finish line after about 6 ¼ hours.

The run went from just about sea level to about 1400ft.  The scenery was stunning once again and we had wonderful views from the route.    We collected donations from astounded tourist along the way.

The run fininshed just before Fort Augustus.  Tonight we are staying at the Loch Ness Lodge Hotel in Drumnadrochit on the west shores of Loch Ness where, once again, the staff have been super, and we have had a great evening meal with a bottle of champagne to celebrate Heather’s success and the completion of the first week of marathons.

We will be back on the Great Glen Way again tomorrow, heading towards Fort William.

I’m still struggling with blisters, but as Doc told me ‘You are not ill Stuart, you just have sore feet’!"

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