Friday, 23 September 2011

John O'Groats to Lands End: One Man's Journey: Day Three

"Day 3 was a good day.  A beautiful route alongside the river Naver.  An undulating single track road but a steady climb overall with a relentless hill at the end as you can see via the 'Follow me Live' section of the website
Stuart was really pleased with his time today.  Just over 6 hours which was quicker than yesterday but he did an extra mile by accident yesterday!  I think we were just about spot on with the distance today.  We might get it right by the end!  He still has a bit of a problem with his left achilles and soreness at the back of his right knee. Still on the painkillers (but less than yesterday) and the Voltarol gel.  Doc thought it would be a good idea not to have an ice bath today, which Stuart was delighted about.  Yesterday he had a 3 minute cold bath at the hotel which he did not enjoy. Stuart got one small blister today which Doc is going to pad before tomorrow's run.
We had all sorts of weather today - a lot of heavy rain but some beautiful sunshine too.  The temperature ranged from 7 to 23 degrees but was mostly around 10 - 12.  Stuart decided to start by walking the first couple of miles again today and thinks it might be a good idea to do that everyday.  Alan accompanied Stuart by bike from the 5th mile to the 15th during which he got soaked again, but didn't get as cold as he did yesterday.  Andy took over and cycled from mile 15 to 21 where we reached Altnaharra, then abandoned the bike and ran to the finish line with Stuart - well, walked mostly as the hill was so hard going.
I am delighted to say that Sue Dale will be driving for us between 2 and 9 October at the same time as Frances.  Sue is a keen runner and trained psychiatric nurse, so has a perfect CV for the job!  
For anyone coming to join the team later in the schedule, I suggest you bring waterproofs, hat, gloves, walking boots and running shoes if you want to run with Stuart for part of the way.  We have all been wearing the same gear in the evenings as we have been wearing all day (apart from Stuart you will be pleased to hear).  The less luggage you can bring the better as the car is pretty full with maps, water, food rations, computer, Stuart's shoes etc.
Tomorrow we head for Lairg and then towards Inverness.  I must go and look up the route!  We are on to our 4th OS map already.  It's really good to be able to pack some of the maps away and know that we don't need them again.

Stuart sends hugs - he is just trying to keep warm!
Sally x"

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