Sunday, 19 February 2012

Make A Positive Impression

Cast your mind back to the last time you were faced with a group of strangers, perhaps at a party, a work-training event or a job interview.

Faced with the unknown our adrenaline starts rushing and our behaviour can become erratic. The person who can survive the pressure is the one who has high self-esteem and feels free to be themselves.

The truth is that everyone feels intimidated sometimes in their lives but the person who survives such feelings is the one who has an open mind and can see the lighter side of life: the pessimist will look for problems and find them and the optimist will act spontaneously and creatively. We all know which of these two types we would want on our team. Look at the following checklist. What are your own positive and negative traits?

1) Fear of rejection (negative)
2) Good sense of humour; can laugh at self (positive)
3) Worried about not being liked (negative)
4) Genuinely likes people and shows interest in them (positive)
5) Has to have the last word, must be right (negative)
6) Can say sorry when necessary (positive)
7) Self-centred (negative)
8) Good listener (positive)
9) Low self-esteem (negative)
10) Doesn't take things personally (positive)

To eliminate the negative just accentuate the positive and you will make a fabulous impression!

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